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The National Human Resources Association announces its call for Executive Board Member nominations for term running from July 1, 2024, through June 30, 2025.

About NHRA

The National Human Resources Association (NHRA) is focused on advancing the individual career development, planning and leadership of human resource (HR) professionals. Through professional networking programs and development services offered across the country, we strive to support individuals throughout their career life cycle. From intern to executive, Human Resources leads the way for change in today’s businesses!

Our Mission

Each day, each meeting and each initiative we pursue, the National Human Resources Association helps members turn Human Resources theory, concepts and general information into smart meaningful action, relevant to their individual professional practices. By engaging new leaders, we create and promote business collaboration and partnerships. The new opportunities initiated by these partnerships will support the strategic professional development for Human Resources Professionals enabling them to be effective strategic business partners.

Our Executive Board

Our Executive Board for the National Human Resources Association is comprised of volunteer dedicated professionals dedicated to servicing the HR community across the United States. The Executive board is the governing body for the entire National Human Resources Association, including support for its seven affiliates: Los Angeles (CA) Orange County (CA), Silicon Valley (CA), Ventura County (CA), St. Louis (MO), Rochester (NY) and Western NY (NY).

The National Human Resources Association is currently accepting applications for the following executive board positions:


The Treasurer shall be responsible for handling all the Affiliates funds, including budgeting, auditing, financial reporting and maintenance of the financial records. Ensures that the Association follows sound accounting principles and maintains adequate funds to operate and develop.

Marketing Director

The Director, Marketing is responsible for developing marketing campaigns and branding of NHRA, maintaining engagement on our social media accounts, and leads the marketing efforts of all association events. The Marketing Director also hosts monthly affiliate round tables.

Co-Director Membership

Membership director is responsible for reviewing membership metrics set forth monthly & supporting membership growth and retention. Activities include coordination of affiliate touch points monthly, ongoing member outreach, coordination with Marketing Director for member benefit campaigning, determine ways to understand member needs, and maintaining a relationship with our Mineral vendor. The Membership Director is also responsible for leading a membership committee of volunteers to support membership activities.

Co-Director Programs

Lead professional development needs of membership including identifying relevant topics and trends in the area of HR for program content. Position conducts search for subject matter experts and program speakers. Role coordinates monthly programs with speaker and NHRA Administrator. Role is responsible for program credit submission for all programs across NHRA.

Executive Board Member Expectations:

As a volunteer on the Executive Board for the National Human Resources Association, you should expect Expect a time commitment of up to 10 hours per month. Within the role we require board members to:


  •  Hold an active membership with the National Human Resources Association
  • Take time to understand National Human Resources Association, the mission, benefits & your board role.
  • Have active and regular participation in a minimum of 10 Board Meetings (held via zoom on the first Thursday of each month).
  • Participate in our strategy discussions and support the goals set forth by the Board of Directors.
  • Support engagement and collaboration across National Human Resources Affiliates
  • Host affiliate round tables (if applicable to role).
  • Strive to acknowledge requests/respond via email, text or call within 48 hours.
  • Support sponsorship initiatives.
  • Promote upcoming events.
  • Document and review processes and workflows.
  • Bring forward ideas, solutions, and recommendations (no idea is a bad one!).
  • Have fun!

How to Apply for an Executive Board Role

Complete the following Application Form to be considered for an Executive Board role with the National Human Resources Association. 


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