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Los Angeles - Employer Medicare Basics

  • 21 Jun 2023
  • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Zoom (virtual)



Medicare is a complex subject for Medicare Eligible Individuals. Once you add in the complexity of working and being Medicare Eligible often Human Resource Professionals do not have the resources to handle the various compliance, rules and regulations Medicare can impose on Medicare eligible employees. Often incorrect advice can lead to Medicare Late enrollment penalties for the Medicare Eligible employee, spouse and or dependents. These Late Enrollment penalties can be for life.

Additionally, if Medicare eligible employees are not properly advised they could make poor webinar seeks to further educate HR professionals about how to tackle these complexities.

After going through this Employer Medicare Basics HR Professionals will learn the following:

  • What is Medicare? How being Medicare eligible impacts their Medicare eligible employees.
  • Employers will have a greater understanding of the reporting required to meet Medicare Reporting compliance.
  • Employers will gain a wider perspective about what they should consider when advising their Medicare Eligible employees about their Medicare Options
  • Employers will learn about the various rules for Medicare Primary or Secondary payor and how this will impact their Medicare Eligible Employees.
  • Employers will understand how to communicate their Part D creditability notifications and CMS reporting requirements.
  • Employers will understand that Medicare is not a one size fits all and be able to consider if they have Health Savings Plans how this can impact Medicare eligible employees. They will also be made are of how Medicare and COBRA work together.

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